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Practice of Employees' Code of Ethics of employees

ABOUT COMPANY Ethical Management Practice of Employees' Code of Ethics of employees
  • HanExpress enact "Practice of Employees' Code of Ethics" to practice ethical management.

  • It is a basic guideline for specific implementation of ethical
    management regulating ethical behavioral standard. The employees
    should observe it as a guideline for works, decision-making and

Practice of Employees' Code of Ethics

FirstWe shall endeavor to be a reliable company to respect customers' opinion always based on reliability and loyalty.

SecondWe shall maintain and develop mutual reliability and cooperation with affiliates through clear and fair transaction.

ThirdWe shall not make any cheating to affiliates abusing status and shall not receive any illegal financial support,
entertainment, reception and convenience.

FourthWe shall observe local regulation in performing duties, respect commercial customs
and seek fair competition.

FifthWe shall not provide or release any company and customer information outside,

SixthWe shall not use company's articles or equipments personally.