Best Leading Partner, HanExpress


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Since established in 1979, Han Express, as the most representative company in special cargo and CPG logistics field, has been a leading company in the logistics industry of Korea.

Han Express provides the best logistics services in transportation of special cargo, ‘such as petrochemical, military, bulk and hazardous freights’, distribution of consumer packaged goods, ‘such as dry/chilled/frozen foods, liquor, personal/home care products’, and import/export logistics.
Furthermore, Han Express diversifies business portfolio through establishment of Joint Corporation for hazardous material logistics, eco-energy business in Malaysia and logistics business in China.

Our vision is to be the best partner delivering the best value to customers. To achieve it, Han Express will constantly move forward with challenging spirit.

Through one step ahead thinking and action, we will be constantly considering and innovate.

Also we will be a socially responsible company complying with more enhanced business policies on code of ethics, eco-friendly management and social contribution.

Thank you.

CEO HanExpress
Yoo In Cheol